Minimally Invasive Venous Disease Treatments

Venous diseases, such as varicose and spider veins, are a subset of vascular diseases that mainly affect the pelvis and lower extremities. These conditions not only have the potential to impact a person’s quality of life but may also lead to life-threatening complications if not properly treated.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA):

Radiofrequency Ablation is a minimally invasive, image-guided procedure used to treat varicose veins. An RFA utilizes high-frequency radio waves directed through a thin tube to create intense heat within the varicose vein. It works by closing the varicose vein, thus preventing the flow of blood through it. With this pathway closed, blood will be forced to redirect its course, flow through other healthy vessels, and return to the heart. This will ultimately eliminate the bulging, swelling, and discomfort associated with varicose veins. Performance of this operation is carried out on an outpatient basis, with minimal recovery times and mild discomfort that is well-tolerated.


Another minimally invasive procedure used to treat venous disease is Sclerotherapy. During this procedure, the physician will inject a sclerosing solution into the affected veins. Sclerotherapy is best suited to the treat reticular, spider, or varicose veins. The sclerosing solution blocks the diseased vein, or veins. As blood flow is regulated and redirected, the visible symptoms associated with the accompanied venous insufficiency will gradually improve. Sclerotherapy treatment will usually take multiple therapy sessions to complete that span over the course of several months. However, treatment recommendations may vary, depending on the extent or severity of your condition.

At Monterey Bay Vascular, we offer several advanced treatment options for venous insufficiencies. If you are showing signs and/or symptoms of venous insufficiency, we can provide a comprehensive venous ultrasound of the legs and consultation to identify the root cause of the venous disease. Venous Insufficiencies are brought on by irregular blood flow. Veins hold an important position in the proper function of our bodies. They deliver blood to the heart, where it is then oxygenated and distributed by the arteries.

Over time, vein structure can deteriorate. As the walls of the vein weaken, they are hindered from doing their job accurately, thus resulting in the accumulation of stagnant blood that is meant to be rotated throughout the body. Additionally, you may be afflicted with cosmetic insecurities as a result of spider veins. Cosmetic insecurities are typically an indicator of an underlying venous condition. Our detailed vein care leads to enhanced cosmetic results as we will treat the underlying venous disease prior to treating any cosmetic insecurities; ensuring cosmetic needs are not recurring. At Monterey Bay Vascular, we treat the entire venous system to ensure that all your venous concerns are taken care of. Whether you are simply reaching out for cosmetic care or are already being treated by our team for deep venous disease, our team provides the most comprehensive and durable treatment for your veins.

Micro Phlebectomy

During a Micro Phlebectomy, a vascular surgeon will remove affected varicose veins through tiny, topical incisions. Carried out under local anesthesia (patient is awake the whole time, with only the area under operation being numbed), this is a minimally invasive technique usually carried out on an outpatient basis. The incisions made to remove the diseased veins will leave very minimal scarring on the skin surface, or, in many cases, none at all. After the procedure, patients will be required to wear compression stockings for 1-2 weeks, although they can resume their normal daily activities almost immediately after their appointment.

Laser Treatment

At Monterey Bay Vascular, the two types of superficial veins that can be treated by our cosmetic treatments are spider and reticular veins. On one hand, reticular veins appear below your skin, are noticeable but do not usually protrude from your skin. While they can occur all over the body, they are most common in the inner thighs, back of the knees, and ankles. Spider veins, however, are thinner and resemble a “spider web,” hence the name, and can be found in the face, hands, or legs. An array of factors can put people at risk for these problematic veins, such as obesity, old age, pregnancy, extended periods of inactivity, smoking or even certain medications.

Recent developments in medical laser technology have allowed physicians to combat spider and reticular veins with unprecedented efficiency. An assortment of convenient features optimizes patient well-being and maintains a strong success rate. The excel V laser is non-invasive and gives immediate, longstanding results. Other treatment options, while also non-invasive, provide the expected outcome gradually and will most likely require many treatment sessions to achieve the desired result. The excel V laser, however, works instantaneously as patients can watch their varicose veins dissipate right before their eyes.

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